Wednesday, 12 August 2009

WIP Assault troopers

I've previously posted pictures of a completed assault trooper utilising the new pre-heresy components from Maxmini, but I thought that it might be beneficial to post pictures of how they look unpainted, and with their components labelled:

Both models are comprised of Chaos Berserker torsos (with iconography removed) standard marine assault troop legs, and a mix of loyalist and traitor weaponry. Both of the shoulder pads have had studs added (see the mk5 armour tutorial), and I have greenstuffed the chainmail. I think this adds a slightly more archaic/barbaric look to the marines, which combined with the mk3 helmet and giant turbofans of the Maxmini jump pack makes their equipment to be longstanding issue of the legion since the earlier days of the Crusade, and contrasts with the more recent recruits into the legion who sport mk4 armour and a more streamlined jump pack.

The small sticks on the back of jump packs are just their for the convenience of painting!


  1. I absolutely love what you are doing with this army.

    It is unique. It has character and flavor. The modeling and painting are of a high quality.

    Keep it up, and keep it coming.

  2. Found your site after looking into making a Pre-Heresy list from some old Rogue Trader figures I have been given.

    I am blatantly going to steal every idea you have used, I think, so keep up the good work.