Friday, 27 November 2009

Land Raider Transport & Conversion

Though much of the surface of Konos III was characterised by wide and open expanses of featureless desert, the military strongpoints of the defenders often featured bunker networks and tunnel systems which rebel forces used to facilitate their covert assaults. These attacks proved to be effective against the invading forces, with supply lines being damaged or destroyed before a response could be brought to bare.

The Land Raider was in common use during the compliance actions of the 12th Legion, its thick armour all but impervious to the conventional weapons of the resistance forces. This particular vehicle has been modified by the fleet tech-adepts, with its lascannons (whose attributes were poorly suited to combating the light-infantry and skirmishing attacks of the defenders) replaced with heavy flame units which were ideal for flushing out areas thought to conceal tunnel networks or rebels. It is also features a marine utilising a pintle-mounted twin-linked bolter, a common defense against ambushes while the vehicle is travelling through built up areas.

I originally bought this Land Raider for use in the AoTE II campaign, although I was severely rushed in painting the miniature - I think it was done in something like 3 hours! However, due to its exemplary performance in that campaign, as well as it being a centre-point for my forces, I thought it might be due some more attention.

I made a small number of changes to the standard 'Redeemer' kit: The assault cannons were removed and replaced with dual-autocannons (counting as a Quad Cannon as part of the AoTE rules pack), I removed the majority of Imperial iconography, and made some small alterations to the pintle-mounted bolter, so it looked less like a stormbolter (which were not generally available during this period).

Even though technically the Redeemer is a post-heresy invention, there is much evidence in the background material that vehicles and weaponry technology was being constantly updated and developed during the Great Crusade - if there were the need for a particular form of weapon, or jury-rigged vehicle for a particular situation, then the techmarines and adepts would have far less hesistation about performing such alterations. In fact, I can imagine that such initiative would be almost encouraged (otherwise, how would 7 different marks of armour, and numerous exotic weapons have been created throughout a 200 year period?). This draws attention to one of the main differences between the 30k and 40k universes: The difference in terms of the culture surrounding technology and its development.

There is also a small addition to the rear of the tank - I figured that it would be impractical for the Marines to carry around the heads they had collected during assaults and advances, and they probably wouldn't want to leave them behind, so a net on the rear of the tank would be ideal...

The 'head pile' is comprised of a variety of spare heads from my bits box, from WFB zombies and empire soldiers, to an RT-era Imperial guardsman helmet I found. The net itself is just a hair net, superglued in place.

Rather than just paint the tank in blue as my other tanks are (which has no justification, other than my cowardice concerning the painting of large areas of white!) I thought a tank this size would benefit from having a bit more of a colour scheme.

As far as gaming is concerned, at the moment this vehicle has difficulty fitting in. The BA codex was released prior to the LR Redeemer being released, and so doesn't have this weapon option for the vehicle. Still, I have found most opponents I have played have had little problem with it being used as such, and if I do play someone unwilling it stands ready to be a 'counts as' standard Raider.


  1. e'z very purdy, sir. The gore bag looks great. I'm not too keen on the autocannons though - they could have done with being closer together, without the ammo drums (I can just imagine the pintle-wielder desperately reaching over with a new one... :D) and maybe with the original assault cannon cover over the main bodies to make them more part of the tank, so to speak. Still, it looks great! And well done on breaking your phobia of white panels! :D

  2. Very nice.
    I like the two-tone and the angle you have used.
    Head bag, now that is a funny addition, getting into the spirit of it I see.
    Skulls for the Emperor's Throne!
    The WE transfers look good too.

    I agree about 30K being scientific and 40K being superstitious.

    I agree with Itkovian about the autocannons being closer together and the cover on the top of them.

    Is a Baal Pred in the pipeline?

  3. I like the landy v much, you have done good with the white there. Heads in a net? Superb, and a nice hint to the downfall of these bloodthirsty chaps.

    The autocannon look cool, ready to shred some light armour.

  4. As usual, you have done a fine job. I like it.

    I agree with Marshall Wilhelm: you should do a Baal Predator.

  5. Thanks very much for the C&C guys :)

    I agree about the autocannons - the standard cover doesn't fit, but I will try and find something to fit over the top. I think hopefully that will make it look more as part of the tank.

    I might well consider a Baal, or at least some kind of PH version of one (perhaps with autocannons in the place of the assault cannons). FM Goehring, have you had much success with them in your games? They seem rather cheap in points for what they can do (and perhaps even cheaper in the new BA codex, now that rending has been downgraded slightly in 5th ed)?

  6. I dig the head bag, though the rest of it looks tidy. The skull hairnet is just what makes it for me. Talk about junk in the trunk...

    As for Baals? Other than being a little reliant on not rolling a 1, they're not bad platforms. They, of course, work well with a mechanized advance.