Sunday, 19 December 2010

Techmarine Kovács

During the early days of the compliance of Konos III, Techmarine Kovács (as chief artificer in this role) directly oversaw the vast logistical operation of ensuring the entire Astartes operation was fully resourced, along with the support of both other Legion Techmarines and a sizeable human administrative staff.

During the initial stages of the invasion, his input was responsible for pinpointing the administrative centres of several of the more prominent states of Konos and thereby directing the 13th Legion spearheads. Despite the camouflaging of these command and control hubs in bunkers hidden in remote places deep underground, through observing data flow and information traffic using auspexes from orbit, Kovács was able to advise Commander Leonid so that within hours the entire worlds chain of command was paralysed.

Kovács was also responsible for the addition of heavy promethium units to the Land Raider chassis in an effort to compromise the unique forms
of guerilla warfare employed by Konos III's insurgents.
Responding to the increasingly damaging effects of these attacks on supply lines and storage depots, the Techmarine advised the introduction of Bastions and other defensive installations. Built to a standard STC pattern, these served in a role both as 'firebases' where materials critical to the continued success of the compliance could be stored, and also where small units of Astartes could be stationed, ready to respond quickly to guerilla attacks.

Techmarine Kovács is pictured here equipped as he was during the initial compliance of Konos III. He carries a full servo-harness and a chain-glaive, modified from the standard power weapon to his own specifications, as well as a modified boltgun. It was rumoured that he laboured for 3 full weeks without stopping during the early stages of the invasion, earning him the moniker 'the servitor' by the human administrative staff who accompanied him (and who lacked his super-human constitution).

At last, an actual update with some content! I have had this model for some time, and I have to say he was a joy to paint (for the second time, he has now moved on from his previous incarnation as an Iron Father!) I added what looks to be a World Eater hand/gauntlet on his base. Rather than using the remains of enemies on this force, I thought it would be an interesting twist to add remains of fallen allies, representing the significant casualty rate of the marines involved in the initial conflict and in keeping with the original concepts of how I imagine the Astartes to operate.


Techmarine Kovács uses the standard rules for a Blood Angels techmarine, his chain-glaive counting as a power weapon.


  1. Nice to see an update from you. The Techmarine is cool, I especially like the white and the converted chain axe.

  2. He looks great mate - well done.

    I really dig the background you have written up for the character. It adds a bit of something to what is otherwise just a nicely painted little bit of metal.


  3. I suppose I don't have to tell you that "kovács" means "blacksmith" in Hungarian. ;)
    On the other hand it's the most common family name in Hungary too, just like Smith in Anglo-saxon countries.
    Nice stuff!

  4. Haha yes thanks, I have a Hungarian friend who informed me of this. :)

    I am trying to use Eastern European/Russian names throughout the naming of my squads and characters. Partly to contrast with the more traditional latin-type names of 40k, but also because I think it suits the character of the Legion more. What was the training world of Bodt mentioned in 'After D'eshea' ? We have no idea, but I like to imagine it might be something like that found in central Europe 1500 years ago, or perhaps in what is now Germany; Warring tribes clad in animal furs fighting each other amongst dense forests with axes, taking skulls, hoping that the 'sky gods' will find them worthy and take them during their next visit. Something like that :)