Friday, 14 September 2012

New World Eaters, from Forge World !!

It would be a shame to not keep this blog updated considering all of the forthcoming Horus Heresy books from Forge World, so without further ado the latest official video!

Enjoy :)

A fellblade:

Really I should know what this is! Answers on a post card please (or the comments section below)

Finally, the one that has got me really excited:

No doubt you will need to sell a kidney to own these, but boy are they beautiful looking models! Glad to see that Forge World has really upped its game with these, rather than simply re-treading the ground covered by the likes of Maxmini and Kromlech. 

Wonderful stuff, and roll on the end of this month and the official un-veiling! 


  1. It looks like the Land Raider Ares that was given to the Dark Angels at some point; maybe when GW were pushing the hobby side of Apocalypso in WD?

    And the jetbike looks really nice, even if the marine is overcompensating for something :)

  2. Ah ok thanks for that Colin!

    Haha and yes I know what you mean about the marine on the jetbike - a particular episode of Family Guy springs to mind!

    Bloody great looking model though, kind of like some 40k-esque version of a Spitfire :)


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