Saturday, 19 September 2009

Age of the Emporer part 2: The Horus Heresy

Last weekend I was fortunate enough to attend the AoTE event in Warhammer World, Nottingham. It was organised by the guys from Tempus Fugitives, who had put a tremendous amount of work into not only organising the event but writing a complete campaign pack complete with missions, special rules and even artwork. For anyone looking for a great campaign pack and rules system for this period of Pre-Heresy, click here!

Perhaps the most exhilarating part of the weekend was the sheer number of pre-heresy armies on display, and playing against them. My World Eaters were part of an expedition made up of Iron Warriors and Imperial Army, assaulting an agricultural world which was being held by the Imperial Fists. Essentially the story for this part of the campaign revolved around Horus attempting to stockpile foodstuffs - Initial vanguard assaults (which included a doubles game and planetstrike) resulted in massive victory for the forces of the Warmaster (I think 75% of games were won by the traitor forces in these 2 games). Much of the grain was stockpiled and sent into orbit despite the efforts of the defenders. However, with their backs against the wall and ordered to withdraw, the Imperial Fists instead fought back and managed to bring the assaulting World Eaters and Iron Warriors to a standstill. I found it quite characterful that the 12th Legion stayed on the world to try and wipe out the Imperial Fists, despite it not being strategically logical to do so! I think overall the result of my teams part of the campaign was a draw but with weighting towards the Warmaster forces for managing to secure their primary objective despite later losses.

This photo was taken during the 'Heavy Assault doubles' game, a massive 5000pt a side game which saw mine and a chap named Phil's World Eaters take on a couple of Imperial Fist players! Even though the game ended in a minor defeat for the traitor forces, it was excellent fun with some very memorable moments!

Over the next couple of days I'll follow this post with more updates, with pictures of other World Eater forces present at the event as well as individual battle reports.


  1. Cool, from all the photos that have been posted, this event looked amazing! While I doubt I'd be able to manage the next one by May (both 2500pts army and transport+lodging to Nottingham), I'm certainly going to try and make it to the Scouring event - which I'm pretty sure Iron Hands will be able to feature more logically.

    Looking forward to the battle reports!

  2. Damn this looked like an awesome I event, I really wanted to go but just didn't have a suitable army. Thanks for the report though - I'll work hard on my Praetorians a see if I cant bolster the Imperial Army at the next eve

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