Monday, 21 September 2009

World Eater forces of AOTE 2: The Horus Heresy

Over the course of the weekend of the Age of the Emporer 2 weekend I made an effort to photograph all of the World Eater armies present. The level of imagination involved as well as standard of painting astounded me, and a couple of ideas are definately going to going into my future projects log!

So without further ado, here are the photos which hopefully should serve to inspire! If you see your own army on this list, please let me know and I'll add credits.

Army 1
I had yet to see this chap's army anywhere on the web, yet it looks like we had the same ideas for alot of things! ((EDIT++ This army belongs to Jono, who I had actually met at AoTE. I really recommend taking a look at the rest of his army, which can be found here!))

A mix of armour types with a variety of different weapons, whoever made this army obviously made some effort to keep it as canon as possible!

A pretty interesting version of Kharn, who seemed a popular special character (which isn't surprising considering how powerful he was in the rules pack!) What looks to be an honour guard accompanying him, this unit would have hit very hard looking at the variety of close combat weapons they are wielding. Note the daemons in the background, something which identifies this force as being well along the path towards corruption.

A complete army shot. A very similar army to my own, with elements such as the terminator conversions, land raider and armour types done in a similar manner. The rhinos with the hatches open on the roof are 'Thunder Rhinos', an open topped varient which although more vulnerable allows a charge straight into combat (not suprisingly, these seemed quite popular with WE forces!) Notable extras include the Fellblade, and the greater daemon on the right.

Army 2
This army qualified for one of the 'best painted army' places and it wasn't hard to see why! Yes, it's not anything near 100% canon, but what does it matter when an army looks this good? A beautiful colour combination, I thought the use of gold sets off the white very well, and the army was full of tiny details.

The cursed bunny ears, but painted this well in gold its kind of forgiveable!

Angron and his honour guard. Goodness knows what the chap on the right is made from, but it looks very effective nonetheless. This was a real artist's army, and I can't recommend enough clicking on the photos above to take a look at them in more detail.

Army 3
I think this was perhaps the biggest collection of Rogue Trader models anywhere at the event! i think with the exception of the drop pod and daemon models, there is barely a miniature here that has been manufactured within the last 18 years!

This was the army of a chap called Phil who was in the same group as me (part of the Graia campaign). The 26mm scale of these miniatures belied the horrific striking power of the force - i think Phil won every game he played, other than the doubles game where he was unfortunate enough to be allied with the force from the 592st expedition *cough* :)

If anyone has any photos of their World Eater force from AoTE 2 which I haven't featured here, please drop me a link and I'll update this post!


  1. Wow! They all look great.

    I have a question:
    Do most other guys playing a Pre-Heresy World-Eaters force play from the Blood Angels codex? or Chaos?

    I am curious.

  2. The AoTE event revolved around the use of a special campaign rules pack that the Tempus Fugitives had (with a great deal of feedback) created over the previous year or so.

    Every marine legion used Codex: Space Marines, but with special 'legion tactics', special characters, vehicles and weapons etc. which marked the character of the Legion.

    So, for the World Eaters, this involved Angron, who if used gave the entire army the rage special rule and +1WS (as well as the option for CC weapon kit outs for boltgun marines). I didn't choose this however as not only would it be a bit of a tactical straight-jacket, it also didn't fit my army theme of a force lead by a Terran commander and away from the direct control of the Primarch. There were also special rules for chainaxes (+1 S and rending for 10pts). It has to be said however that viewing the effect of Angron in some of the other games he might well have a place for the next event! :)

  3. Nice Land Raider!!!!! I havent seen that many Beaks in a single formation in many many moons. Very impressive army! Only thing that could make it cooler would be to have a malfunctioning Imperial Robot wander into the picture. Or some Space Dwarves of Anarchy.

  4. Some very cool armies. Just thought I'd mention, about the guy on the right in the second-to-last picture, that he seems to be a Korsarro Khan conversion (I'm pretty sure there's supposed to be an apostrophe in that name somewhere, ho hum).

  5. Hey Pacific,

    Was great to meet you at AotE. The first army here is mine, and it is indeed quite similar to yours (if not as well painted!)

    I'm working on getting ready for the next event, and I'm planning on keeping a blog up to date as well, although in the month since the last event I've done almost nothing! Address is

    See you then,