Friday, 19 February 2010

World Eaters of the 591st Expedition, the first 2000 Pts!

This is a shot of my army as it stands, closer to 2500pts at the moment, but I'm hoping with the release of the new Blood Angels codex nearer to the 2000 mark! (Please click the photos for the full view)

There are also a few odds and ends thrown in, of individuals not yet formed into squads.

Here are another assault squad I've been working on, they're built to look like some of the squads from Collected Visions. They are marked as being recent recruits to the legion with their mark 4 armour, with the Power Sword wielded by the Sergeant being another indication.
Once again I intend to wait for the new Blood Angel codex before finishing off the squad and no doubt include a couple of special weapons and a Rhino.


  1. Looking really great. I'm loving the conversions and the contrast between what is such a, dare I say it, serene color scheme with such a brutal legion.

  2. Great site.

    I'm curious, are the shields on some of your assault marines also from Maxmini? It's a great look, and I hope you don't mind if I "borrow" it for some of my future marines.

    Also, where did you find those oop jump packs.

    p.s. thanks for the kind words about the Battle Report. The site is only about a week and a half old, so I'm just getting started.

  3. No problem, I enjoyed reading through your blog and I hope you solve your quandary as far as your army direction is concerned!

    The shields are WFB Ogre gut plates, sometimes available from bits sites. The jump packs are a mix of the maxmini ones (the big RT-style turbofans) and others which were cast by a guy who runs a place called 'The Games Store', in Aldershot, UK. They are not available at present, but he is planning to make some more at some point so fingers crossed!

    Please feel free to borrow anything you want, the vast majority of it was sequestered from other peoples ideas anyway! :)

  4. Good job mate, I've been enjoying watching this army grow recently. I'm looking forward to more!

  5. Great job this kind of army is not easy to build and requires a passion to pull off. It looks your time has been well spent.

  6. Really liking the Terminator and his Pre-Heresy shoulder pad and gauntlets.

    Keep it coming.


  7. Awesome looking army, but where's Kharn?

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    I suggest changing your comments to manual approval.

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  11. Where are those helmets that kinda look like a "snout" from?

  12. Wow, talk about a late reply! :(
    Those helmets are Forgeworld 'mk4 helmets'

    You can buy them either as the Red Scorpion veteran upgrade pack, or else the brand new mk4 armour set (see the website,