Wednesday, 8 September 2010

.. Still on tour..

So now 6 months since my last post, I thought it would be wise to write something here to let people interested in the blog know that I am still alive!

I'm just over halfway through my contract working abroad. Sadly, my work schedule has meant that I have had less than no time to add anything, other than making the odd passing comment on other peoples blogs that I have been following!

Still, even without access to any modelling, there will hopefully be a couple of new additions to aid or at least interest followers of the Emperor's mighty twelfth Legion in the near future. This will include:
- Using the new Codex: Blood Angels to represent World Eaters (after a preliminary read, I'm convinced this codex was made with Pre-Heresy World Eater players in mind!)
- A new short fiction featuring the 12th Legion.

So all the best to those of you who read my blog. In the meantime, I would like to direct your attention (for those who are not yet aware) to the finest Crusade-era focused forum on the Internet, and a place where myself and many other heresy enthusiasts regularly post!

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  1. Hey Stuntie.... This is LLW. You ecer going to write something about Varren? Got a fig for him?

  2. Good day Lord Walker, thanks for your comment! :) You mean the guy from Flight of the Eisenstein? I haven't planned anything for him yet, did you have any idea about a description for either him or what he was known for?

    My next character I had in the works was for someone called 'Commander of the Fleet Borya', for the fleet captain for my BFG games, and a just bog standard captain for use in other games. He's based on this guy,

    and will have a ceremonially armoured honour guard with him in mk1 armour (see a few posts previously).

  3. I am not sure Verran was named in FotE. Can you confirm this? The way i know of him is that he was named along with Garro and Tarvits as one of the few Loyalest that made it off Istvaan III. I have no other info on him. I kinda hoped you might be the go to guy on this.

  4. Sorry I made a mistake, it wasn't Flight of the Eisenstein. Varren featured in the original 'Space Marine' rulebook, in a short story which detailed how a small number of WE escaped aboard the Eisenstein to journey back to Terra and warn the Emperor. Reading that story, Varren and his WE were in charge of taking control of the Eisenstein and heading back to earth. This is something which has obviously been ret-conned with FoTE (maybe they felt a Death Guard would be a more interesting character?) and it is implied in that story that the loyalists from the other chapters (including Garro and Tarvitz) would consign themselves to death in buying time for the Eisenstein to escape.

    Sadly that has been the only mention of him as far as I am aware, I've checked through the Collected Visions card art and there is no character with that name either. We know there were still some loyal WE stumbling around on the surface in Galaxy in Flames. I don't think it's beyond possibility to write some background for him and maybe make up some rules! Thanks for the prompt Yarcoon, might spurn me on to have a go at something like this. :)

  5. Damm i thought i had missed something that would have been a big clue. You are right in what you say and it has been my hope that the WE would get a book of their own ala Fulgim /Thousand Sons/ Legion/ ect... I had hoped it would feature Verran and no boring ol Kharn. I would love to see Matthew Farrer get a shot at a full book. The short Story, After Desh'ea was sick. I would love to see anything you can come up with on this topic. (ps i think he is one of the 8 Astates taken by Malcador to the Emperor.)