Thursday, 13 January 2011

New Pre-Heresy Link Hub: Before the Heresy

Ross (aka Whitehorn) from the Great Crusade forum has just started work on a new Pre-Heresy focused blog. What makes this one special is that he intends to use it to feature any Pre-Heresy posts from around the Blogsphere* (think 'From the Warp' but with a 30k focus).

There is a great deal of Pre-Heresy modelling and gaming going on, and I think one thing the blogging community has lacked is a central hub to bring it all together. It will also serve as a great aid for anyone who wants to get into PH, but feels a little daunted by all of the material out there. So, if you have a PH blog and want to let him know of your existence, or just want to follow the blog, click on the link below.

* (sorry for using that word, I will say 100 'hail Marys' immediately after making this post!)

On a personal note, I have just agreed to stay in Korea for another 14 months. I was back in the UK for a short while, but in amongst the drive to consume as many calories as possible in the form of mince pies and Stone's Ginger Wine (if you haven't tried it, do so!) there was precious little time for the Sons of Angron. But, I did get a little bit done, and also got my hands on the new Blood Angel Codex. So sadly it looks like additions to the modelling and painting side of things will be limited, but for the coming months this blog will most likely focus on discussion of rules and adaptations for using that Codex for the World Eaters, as well as comments on any other bits and pieces which may get released. In the meantime, I hope everyone reading had a merry Christmas (and a happy new year), and good luck for 2011!