Tuesday, 22 January 2013

The First Expedition - Painting & Modelling Contest!

To Celebrate the launch of the new The First Expedition forum, a painting and modelling competition is being held. Not only are the guidelines for the contest deeply intriguing by themselves, with a great scope for imagination, but there are also some really cool prizes on offer - namely a new hardback copy of any Black Library, but also very rare but useful components from the Rogue Trader/2nd edition era! 

So without further ado I would advise anyone interested to head over to the forum and get your thinking hat on! The competition only requires a single miniature be completed, so you should have no trouble at all meeting the Sunday 17th deadline.

Saturday, 12 January 2013

The First Expedition - New Horus Heresy and Pre-Heresy focused forum!

January 4th is a date that is notable for many events in history; Burma became independent on that day in 1948, Richard Nixon was impeached as part of the Watergate scandal in 1974 and also my old dear departed Uncle Walter attempted but ultimately failed to travel the length of England in a wheelbarrow pulled by a pack of gerbils (although his death was not in any way related to that).

But now this date will be famous for another reason! It marks the launch of the brand-new 'The First Expedition' website and forum. A continuation of the highly successful 'Great Crusade' forum, this marks a re-launch of that site as a dedicated area for fans of the Great Crusade, Pre-Heresy and the Heresy itself to gather, discuss that period of 40k history, share modelling and painting tips and more! There is already a competition underway (details on that in a few days!) and a Heresy Battles event planned for the beginning of March.

So if you haven't done so already please head over there, sign up and get involved with what is probably the most amicable 40k-based community on the web!

Link: The First Expedition. 

PS: The answer to the question posed by my last post - answered by a grand total of one person (great to know so many people are reading my blog! ^^ ) was 'Epic Space Marine'. The little 6mm guys that is, construction is under way so hopefully some pics to show soon!