Tuesday, 14 July 2009

Design Philosophy

From a background perspective, there are several reasons why I chose the World Eaters. Firstly, the fact that they eventually fall to Chaos. I love the kind of tragic undertones which are implicit in the Horus Heresy story, and there are few narratives more powerful than that of the fallen hero! Secondly, for me the WE are the most accurate representation of what marines were back in the days of Rogue Trader. There is none of the 'knights in space' business or tales of heroism and fighting for the betterment of mankind, the WE are pure and brutal killers, with their point of view explaned at the end of a punch or a headbutt!

In RT its written, "the space marines are usually the first troops to arrive at the scene of a conflict, and they are used to mount strikes, raids and suprise attacks. Their reputation for savage ferocity and complete lack of mercy has earned them the nickname Angels of Death"

There is also a great bit in the main rulebook about Assault troops, and this is the main philosophy behind how I imagine the World Eaters to be:
"Space marine assault squads are equipped with hand-to-hand combat weapons such as chainswords, power swords and bolt pistols. Entry into buildings, or through the reinforced hulls of space craft, is gained using a las-cutter or phase-field generator. As the first wave of attackers goes through, casualites are always very high. The first troopers into the breach are almost inevitably shot dead instantly. Inclusion in an assault squad is a great honour. There is never any shortage of volunteers for suicide missions such as this."

In purely subjective terms, its also how I imagine marines would be in reality. The battlefields of the future would be so deadly, that there would be little room for chivalry or personality. Any special forces or chock troops such as marines would be a hammer-blow fighting force, built to impact on the enemy with overwhelming ferocity and with little thought to their own safety, and despite achieving their objectives would usually suffer massive casualties as a result.

So, in real terms this means I will most likely reduce the amount of personal identification and heraldry. Rather than modelling in 'parade ground' form of polished armour, I intend to model them as during or after battle, with used and damaged armour and no doubt a lot of blood!

I also think this reflects the Astartes more in their game role, as opposed to how they are often portrayed in the background information. A Black Library novel which portrayed the effectiveness of Marines as they are in purely game terms would definately go against convention!


  1. There paint scheme is great as well! The Darker Red colors always work great


  2. But my World Eaters aren't red! :(