Monday, 20 July 2009

World Eater Support Marine

The 12th Legion were not always the army of frothing berserkers that we know (and love?!) today. For most of the Great Crusade, and certainly before the discovery of their Primarch, the World Eaters operated in a similar way to many of their brother legions, albeit with a bias towards assault troops.

Although I didn't think a squad of marines armed with Lascannons particularly fitted the character of the World Eaters, the ground assault would still need some heavy weaponry support, and for this I thought a squad of marines armed with heavy bolters would be ideal to keep their enemies heads down while the assault troops charged!

The influence for this trooper is this card from the Horus Heresy CCG, depicting Support Squad Skane gunning down a Sons of Horus trooper! I hope to eventually have an entire support squad (4) of these guys painted up, for use in 2000pt plus games.


  1. He looks great, love the little freehand legion symbol on the HB. That must have been a bit of a challenge!

  2. Very nice. You're a brave soldier to paint all that white. ;)

  3. Erm, yes why thankyou.. freehand.. yes *cough* :D

    (sorry to dissapoint you but its just a minimized transfer from the BoLS pre-heresy set!)

  4. ah... fair play. Whatever method works best! :D