Tuesday, 14 July 2009

WIP Terminator Sergeant, Heavy support marine & Jetbike

A terminator sergeant, support marine and jetbike in various stages of undress!

Terminator Marine Sergeant. Although I've already completed several terminators, I took a photo of this one for the WIP section. The conversion is a combination of loyalist and traitor terminator. I've removed as much of the chaos iconography as possible, without making the model too clean looking - the extra blades and embellishments on the armour I believe add to the ferocious look of the terminator. I added studs to the shoulder pads (which are sadly no longer available) - use Dreadnought shin components or Tamiya oil drums from their scenery kit as an alternative. The look of a terminator is one of the key ways of making your army look distinctly pre-heresy, so its a good idea to spend some extra effort on them I feel!

Heavy Support Marine in mk5 Heresy armour. Conversions include adding studs to all the relevant places of the armour, and extra cabling along the torso. A tutorial for making mk5 armour will be added at some point in the future.

1. Jetbike. A conversion based on the excellent work of Elijah7 on B&C, the full tutorial can be found here: Bolter&Chainsword Jetbike Tutorial

In changes from the model shown in the tutorial, I've removed some of the superflous stuff which made it look too bulky (IMO the jetbike would be as lightweight as possible), and ive added some extra exhausts as well as the main 'jet' for extra speed! These are parts from an old demolisher-mounted multi-melta. The air-intake grill is just a bit of textured plasticard.

Finally, I replaced the bolters with a single autocannon from the IG tank sprue (so it looks a bit more pre-heresy and in similar style to how eldar jetbikes mount their weapons, I guess it will just count-as the normal twin linked bolters in games) and I've used a couple of tiny rare-earth magnets on the base to make it a bit easier to move!

I don't agree with the way GW has its special weapons held by the marine. Imagine, riding something like this at 100mph while trying to fire a rifle type weapon with a single hand? The only one capable of doing something like this is the Terminator on his Harley!

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