Thursday, 16 July 2009

A new HQ unit

Reading through the Blood Angels Codex, the basis of my Pre-Heresy Codex force, I've been thinking for a while about a new HQ unit. I have already completed Captain Sevruk, a 'counts as' Lemartes who leads the Berserkers into battle, but wanted another Captain who would be similarly assault orientated and would be used as a 'counts as' Dante.
After a long time trawling though GW's webpage looking for a suitable basis for a conversion, I've settled on this guy...


Although I'd toyed with the idea of making him from a standard commander kit, as someone whos going to be as powerful as Dante on the battlefield (and potentially the centrepiece of the army) I really wanted him to be as dynamic as possible. The antique look of the chaplains armour just sealed the deal for me!

Now then, t
he next bit is going to require a bit of imagination..

Imagine this model with the purity seals and other small chaplain-badges removed. Replace the crosius with a hefty, double edged chain axe and the bolt pistol with some kind of exotic melta-pistol weapon. Then add a little battle damage, a larger turbo-fan Pre-heresy jump pack and replace the head with this one:

Now this is going to have to be 'toned down' somewhat (I will have to lessen the ridges on his brow for example), but that snarling teeth faceplate can easily become a design on a metal mask - equivalent of Dante's death mask perhaps? You can imagine how fighting against something like that would impose the -1 WS and BS in any case!

I'll most likely be ordering the bits for this Captain later on today. I'm also planning on constructing an assault squad in mk2/3 armour (representative of Terran veterans) who he will lead into battle. I've got hold of the heads for those guys, and just need some other components to begin work on them.

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  1. I can't wait to see how this guy turns out - he's promising to be an impressive conversion!