Monday, 1 August 2011

Black Library World Eaters Audio Book

The Black Library have just announced an exciting addition to their Pre-Heresy line up - A new short story, written by none other than Aaron Dembski-Bowden!

The posting is up on the Black Library website, here, and has been confirmed as an Audio book by the writer himself on the B&C forum (backing up the price point of £10). The date is currently set at June next year.

Mr. ADB is regarded by many as the hot-property of the Black Library at the moment, and I'm sure anyone who has read his books will agree that he is one of the best writers with the publishers in terms of bestowing depth and personality to his characters. Certainly, he transformed the Word Bearers from their previous position as comic book-esque evil guys to victims of tragic circumstance in The First Heretic, and I'm sure many fans of the World Eaters will hope he treats the 12th Legion with the same attention to detail!

When Aaron revealed on his blog some time ago that he wanted to write about the World Eaters I sincerely hoped the legion would get their own full length novel. However, beggar's can't be choosers as they say, and hopefully this Audio book will be a prelude to more background information on a traitor Legion that has been largely overlooked in the Heresy series so far.

More information as it comes!


  1. I've really been liking his last few books, Heres to hoping that the audio book is good.

  2. Yes me too, I thought Soul Hunter and The First Heretic were some of the best books ever to come from BL. He has a wonderful way, and I don't think all BL writers have been successful with this (especially concerning Space Marines), of ascribing human value to the characters he writes, and creating emotional investment from the reader.

    I really hope he can do the same for a Legion whose common perception at the moment is to speak similar lines to the Incredible Hulk :)

  3. I am just reading The First Heretic at the moment, and so far, so good ;)

    Have you read Helsreach?

  4. No I haven't yet Marshal Wilhelm! Is it worth reading?

    I thought The First Heretic was absolutely bloody amazing - he managed to transform a legion that was previously a 2D comicbook bad guy into something tragic, which I don't think was easy to do. While you can't have sympathy for them in light of their actions, reading the book you can understand why they did the things they did - each step towards damnation as it were.


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