Tuesday, 20 November 2012

A flickering of life..

As much as I have enjoyed writing articles for this blog, updating with new miniatures, writing background and all the rest of it, as I've mentioned now the wind had left my sails when it came to the boys in blue (and white). That much should be apparent from the lack of new articles, the slightly sarcastic nature of those that were posted, and the complete failure to cover anything about the new Forge World: Betrayal book.

Without this becoming overly introspective, and therefore incredibly tedious to anyone but myself to read, this was as much to do with the 40k system itself as anything. Oh, and making Space Marines; thinking back over the years, I must have made several hundred of them in all sorts of various guises, to the point where it had ceased to be enjoyable. See also, marines dismounting from rhinos. Now I don't want to be overly critical and therefore damage anyone else's enjoyment of either 40k or building/painting space marines, something which has given me enjoyment over many years and especially concerning the nature of this blog (which, after all, was intended to act as a point of reference and inspiration to anyone reading it!) but it is the reasoning behind why this blog looked to be approaching its shelf life.

So, with that extremely downbeat start to this article in mind, why the update? Well, it's to announce that there is new material on the way. What you may ask, if you are ruling out 40k and space marines? Surely that doesn't leave a lot? Well, it won't involve the 40k game system, that's true. Also, it won't involve me matching up pairs of arms to hold a bolter, or debating whether I should have a go at true-scale.

So what then? Here is a quick clue, with a classic piece of artwork..

Answers on a postcard please! And hopefully, something more concrete to show over the next couple of days :)


  1. Heresy era Imperial fists fighting the Sons of Horus on Terra, would be my guess.


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