Sunday, 12 July 2009

Miniatures Gallery

Last Updated: 12/04/11

A complete collection of miniatures, including basic minature shots as well as those including themed and photoshopped backgrounds. These are listed in reverse chronological order, and will be updated as more pictures are added!

32. Techmarine Kovacs and servitors

31. Land Raider, equipped with promethium flame units.

30. 'Linebreaker' equipped with las-cutter, for cutting through bulkheads.

29. Assault squad 'linebreakers' equipped for ship-boarding action.

28. Heavy Support squad in Bastion.

27. Commander Leonid with veteran assault squad honour guard.

26. Berserker Dreadnought Bale

25. After the battle is won..

24. Heavily battle damaged Berserker!

23. Member of Veteran Assault squad, terran veteran.

22. Closeup of Sergeant Wavranka

21. Heavy Support marine

20. Terminator Squad Wavranka

19. Army at 1000pts completed, including individual units not yet formed into squads.

18. Close of Captain Sevruk and Diplomat Sebastien Thule

17. Close of Veteran 'Linebreaker' squad and Recon Marine

16. Land Speeder, armed with belt-fed Autocannon.

15. Completed Assault combat squad. All equipped with mk4 armour, shown as recent recruitment into the Legion, referenced from Collected Visions.

14. Berskers charge!

13. Objective markers; Melted Marine and pile o' skulls

12. Recon Marine, shown in Konos III camoflauge pattern.

11. Jetbike, ridden by Marine in mk4 armour.

10. Assault marine in mk4 armour

9. Marine in mk2 armour on garrison duty

8. Captain Sevruk, 2nd Company

7. Imperial Diplomat Sebastien Thule (special character and objective)

6. Veteran Marine 'Linebreaker'

5. Mk5 armour varients shown deploying from a Rhino.

4. Tactical Squad Ignatov

3. First completed Berserker and use of resin jump pack conversion:

1. First completed Tactical mar, tactical squad:

1. First completed miniature (other than a couple of complete failures!), wounded marine:


  1. where did you find the resin jump pack conversion for the berzerker in pic 3?

  2. It was a resin cast from a website called '' - however, the chap who makes them has got his hands full opening a new gaming shop so I don't think they are available at the moment.

    They might well be available at some time in the future, but for now I would recommend Maxmini's jump pack as an alternative (

  3. awesome. thanks. i actually prefer the wookiehole (that does not sound right) jump packs.

    i am loving your pre heresy WE's. bloody and dirty! great job.

  4. What a fantastic looking army. Hats off to you.

  5. Congratulations on a great item and an incredibly useful and inspiring website! Thanks, James

  6. Inspiring! where did you get the terminator heads from?

  7. Some awesome conversion work, makes me wanna get started on the marauder & imp guard combo renegades I have been thinking about adding to my chaos army. Love your pre-heresy berserkers and the jet bikes!