Wednesday, 21 October 2009

New Section: Tactics & Strategy

Although 'the art of Warhammer gaming' isn't going to be a large focus of the blog, nevertheless its an area I've just started touching upon and so is perhaps deserving of its own section.

So far it only has a single discussion of an army list for the Gedren Prime event but hopefully this will grow in time!

In the meantime, there are several other blogs I will recommend which feature some great information on both tactics using the Blood Angel army list, and tactics in general:
Pitched Battle - Blog with some great info on Blood Angel units and tactics.
Jawaballs - A library of BA resources and a very well established blog.
Pathfinder - Very amusing blog with tactics on various armies and units. Perhaps not that relevant, but always makes me laugh so is in this list on that basis!
Sweet Dreams - Quite a new blog, but some interesting titbits on the BA and army lists.

Warseer, Tactica Blood Angels Thread - Put your power armour on before you enter this one, well worth a visit as there are some interesting bits of information and varied ideas found within.

Army Lists:
Gedren Prime: Dawn of War 1000pt army list

If there are any other Blogs which feature Blood Angels tactics and strategy, please let me know and I'll add them to the list!

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