Wednesday, 14 October 2009

Pre-Heresy event: Gedren Prime & Army List

On October 23rd and 24th, the members of the Pre-Heresy forum 'The Great Crusade' will descend upon Aldershot, Hampshire, for the 'Gedren Prime' event. Set during the peak of the Crusade, Gedren Prime is the latest world to recieve the attention of the ever expanding Imperium, and no less than all 18 Legions are descending upon the poor inhabitants of the world!

The weekend will feature 3 games, each with unique rules and objectives. I will be using Codex: Blood Angels to represent my forces - one of the rules is that no 'special characters' are allowed. So for me, this gives me the challenge without using the normal mainstays of Dante and Lemartes!

I'm going to dip into something I haven't done thus far; that of army lists. When first coming up with the design concept of the Blog, I had a good look around some of the 40k fansites already up and running. A pretty high proportion of them were focused on tactics and army lists, obviously written by people who spent a great deal of time playing games and so knew their stuff! For someone who plays a casual game once every two weeks (if I'm lucky!), I thought I should leave this aspect of the game to the experts, as it were, and focus instead on the background and modelling of (specifically) the Great Crusade.

But, it looks like events have forced my hand and, can of Heinz-brand worms infront of me, I must reach for the opener! So without further ado, here is my army list for the first of the 3 games, known as 'Dead by Dawn' (a 1000pt game). This game features the following Caveats:
- No special or named characters.
- Normal force organisation chart.
- The entire game is set during night fighting rules.
- An objective on each players side, the claiming of which will give victory.
- The game will almost certainly be against Imperial Guard (representing the human defenders).


Jump pack 20
D. Company (berserkers 3 free DC, 6x J. Packs, 120
x 6)

Tactical Squad x 10

Flamer, M. Launcher, razorback

(with E. Armour, Multi melta) 85
Assault Squad x 5

P. Fist 25
Veteran A. Squad x 7

P. Fist, Combat shield x5, p.pistol,

p.weapon, melta gun (free Rhino) 90

total 970

I figure that the night fighting rules will give me a big advantage. My transports will speed forward, with the jump pack troops moving up behind. Then they'll roar and charge into combat, and hopefully kill everything :)

My thoughts on tactics haven't gone beyond this so far. I've got a number of points left to spend, which at the moment I'm leaning towards spending on melta bombs to take out the armour I'm undoubtably going to encounter.

Any thoughts on the army list and/or tactics would be greatly appreciated! :)


  1. Your tactics and list look sane enough to me. I'm not sure about the rhino for the veteran a. squad though - wouldn't jump packs be a better deal? Being able to zoom in from 18in away and hopefully avoid any kind of shooting on the way seems better than having to disembark from the rhono and either put on a brave face and weather the fire, or cower behind said rhino doing nothing for a turn... Just my opinion though. :D

    It does make you wonder though, maybe you'd be better off doing that, removing the tactical squad, adding another 5-man troop assault squad and forgoing the armour altogether. This would hopefully give you enough points to stick meltabombs on everyone...

  2. Thanks for the advice mate. To be honest my army list is more or less tied by he models I have in my collection, but I've made small changes where I can.

    I've got a mix of mechanised transport and Jump pack troops, so hopefully one of those will work out! Also, I've learnt the value of tank shocking with rhinos and also blocking line of sight even when you have one which is driving around with no weapons and is seemingly useless.

    Based on comments I've received on here and other forums, the revised list is as before with the following changes:

    - Only 5 Berserkers
    - Tactical squad now has a heavy bolter
    - Veteran Squad in the rhino now only has 6, with combat shields removed (will now just count as an additional cc weapon)
    - A melta bomb holder in each squad
    - A furioso dreadnought with heavy flamer :)
    (this has been destroyed early in every game I have played, hopefully the night fighting will help it get closer!)

  3. So how did it turn out at Gedren with the other two games? Did you feel you made the right choices?

  4. Yes mate, I won all my games (although the first result was VERY lucky) so I guess they were ok!

    I'm glad now I didn't specialise the force against IG, as the last game we had a big twist and I ended up fighting WL Mjolnir's Space Wolves!